Thursday, June 30, 2011

It's a jungle out there! Part 1

We got to go to the Phoenix Zoo this summer (before the temp's got to hot) with Christian's summer camp class (also his old pre-k buddies) Little Rascals Preschool. I must admit I am not a BIG zoo goer in our state, but over the last few years the Phoenix zoo has added some really AWESOME! attraction's.
The boys had a lot of fun seeing the different animals: rhino's, lion's, tiger's, no bears OH MY! Rick was even able to get us some really AMAZING photo's of some the animals. I LOVE the one of the lion sleeping (he looks so peaceful), but I wouldn't want to be caught around him when he's awake! It was cute to watch Baby Noah's reaction to all the different kinds of animals. I like to tease him & say do you remember bring 2 of of each of all these kinds of animals on to your boat? haha LOL I am sure he is going to get sick of those kind of jokes/comments real quick as he getts older, but for now it is funny.

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